Best Wholesale VoIP Services for Your Company

Wholesale VoIP Services

Voice over IP (VOIP) is one of the excessive telecom technology and most of the internet customers and consumers are taking benefits from VoIP. The reason behind of that, VoIP allow you to make free and lowest price call in your local areas and around the globe. VoIP service is also providing you handful advantages and betterment over the old style telephonic system. To possible to use VoIP, you have to use a VoIP Service.

 VoIP is a telecom consulting service that you acquire from a VoIP Company. If you are looking for VoIP service provider that allows you to make and receive the VoIP calls from anywhere you want. VoIP is just like the Internet services, which you are getting from your internet service providers around you, or it is also a kind of phone service, that you are getting from your landline telecom service providers.

Before taking VoIP services, you have to register with VoIP service provider and make calls with using their services.  There is an easy example of it, as we know Skype is VOIP service provide and before making the calls you need to register with Skype. After account registration in Skype, you can call to people online and even you can call on their mobile phones.

Wholesale VoIP companies sell their hosted VoIP services to resellers and companies that need to use or redistribute VoIP service, but that don’t want to manage the equipment and technology behind a VoIP system.

With a subscription with a wholesale VoIP company, you get access to a standard set of wholesale VoIP features:

  • Origination and termination

  • Collocation and PBX (Public Branch Exchange) hosting

  • International A-Z

  • FCC E911 compliant and 411 access

  • Portal

With these features, you can use a wholesale VoIP to establish your own VoIP service. Most wholesale VoIP providers also offer a selection of other features, but the features listed above are standard.

Your Ideal IP Voice Termination Provider

Call-INN’s expertise in both broadband and telephony make us an ideal company to provide you with Internet Protocol (IP) Voice 1+ Termination services. Call-INN’s IP Voice 1+ Termination service is a cost-effective way for you to terminate telephone calls to over 250 countries while taking advantage of IP technology. Call-INN IP Voice 1+ Termination service provides an IP-based connection for voice traffic exchange with other service providers. Once connected to Call-INN’s OC-192 network, with over 1,700 access points and over 16,000 routes, you will benefit from soft switch technology that achieves quality comparable to the public switched telephone network (PSTN).

Origination and Termination

Origination means that your wholesale VoIP provider can receive a call from the PSTN (public switched telephone network, the infrastructure of traditional telephone service), and termination means that the wholesale VoIP provider can send a call to the PSTN.

These services mean that you have access to any digital or analog telephone number. If your service didn’t offer origination or termination, you wouldn’t be able to call phone numbers hosted by traditional telephone companies or receive calls from those numbers.

So, with origination and termination features, you can act as a regular telephone service because you can provide a connection between any two numbers without any limitations.

Collocation and PBX Hosting

Collocation means that you have full access to all of the services and capabilities of the wholesale VoIP company’s system, but the wholesale VoIP company does all of the work of maintaining the equipment and hardware of the VoIP system for you.

So, you pay your fair share for the services when you pay your monthly fee, but you never have to see or worry about the machinery behind the operation. And you have access to the wholesale VoIP services through the Internet. Usually, your wholesale VoIP provider will give you a control panel. This control panel allows you to establish an account and use all of their VoIP services remotely.

When a VoIP service offers you a hosted PBX, it means that the VoIP service provider maintains a PBX system which you can use remotely over the Internet. With a hosted PBX, you have access to all of the same features of a traditional hardware PBX, but without the hardware PBX.

Network Architecture

How It Works

Traditionally, long distance (LD) providers convert IP voice traffic to time division multiplex (TDM) and hand the traffic to their LD provider for termination. In many instances, the LD provider then converts that traffic back to IP to traverse their LD network, converts the traffic once again to TDM and terminates the call. With Call-INN IP Voice 1+ Termination, you can hand your IP voice traffic directly to Call-INN. Call-INN will transport the IP voice call streams across its OC-192 MPLS network and terminate the calls to the PSTN. No longer will you need to purchase or manage the gateways necessary to make these conversions – Call-INN does it all! First, your IP voice traffic traverses the Call-INN IP transport to the Session Border Controller (SBC).

The SBC provides the necessary firewall protection to give your traffic an additional level of protection on Call-INN’s IP voice infrastructure. Call-INN’s media gateways terminate your IP voice calls to the TDM circuit-switched network. Calls are terminated either domestically or internationally to the PSTN via TDM.


  • OCN-based and class-type pricing structures offer facilities-based providers significant value opportunity through your choice of billing granularity

  • OCN-based pricing allows facilities-based providers to better manage their network routing costs

  • Bill reconciliation is easier with a finer level of detail on both the invoice summary and monthly call detail records (CDRs)

  • IP Voice automatically supports Outbound 8xx

  • Comprehensive North American LATA coverage



  • Reduce your capital expenditures by using a scalable single point of access with Call-INN Dedicated Internet Access, or by delivering traffic across the public Internet instead of using costly TDM trunks and managing multiple IP/TDM gateways

Quality and Security

  • With dedicated internet access, Call-INN’s IP voice infrastructure provides quality and service levels comparable to the PSTN

  • 24x7x365 network monitoring and management enables real-time troubleshooting while enhancing network uptime

  • Advanced network firewall protection using the SBC to provide IP address security and fraud protection


  • Call-INN can terminate traffic in over 250 countries through both landline and mobile terminations

Ease of Use

  • Call-INN can be your single provider for both traditional long distance as well as IP Voice 1+ Termination

Service Technology

  • Connection Types: Connect to Call-INN’s network using a DS-1 to OC-48 dedicated data circuit. Providers collocated in a Call-INN point of presence (PoP) location may connect via an Ethernet cross-connect. Service providers may also connect via the public Internet*

  • Protocol: SIP

  • Codec:G.711, ulaw, G.711 alaw, G.729A and G.729AB

  • FAX: Standard fax and T.38 with G.711 or G.729

  • RFC2833 and SIP info: Supported for G.729 only

FCC 911 Compliant and 411 Access

All VoIP providers operating in the United States are required by law to be FCC 911 compliant. This just means that a wholesale VoIP company provides quick and efficient delivery for any call dialed to 911.

411 access refers to your ability to reach a 411 information service. Most wholesale VoIP providers offer easy access to a 411 information service.

In short, with a wholesale VoIP provider with 911 compliance and 411 access, you can make sure that you are providing your customers with the immediate access to emergency and information services.

Is a VoIP Service Sufficient for you?

When you have registered completely with VoIP service provider, you need few kinds of stuff for using VoIP system fully.

First of all, you need a VoIP Phone to outgoing and incoming the calls. This may be a simple VoIP phone, and it depends on you, what kind of VoIP phone you are using for VoIP calls. It can be a simple old phone, which can use with residential VoIP services, for example, Vonage is like that. There are also special VoIP phones that are specially designed with complete features for VoIP calls.

Need VoIP Service?

If you are seeking VoIP service in Canada and Poland, just deliver us an email OR contact us. CaLL-INN is one of the best VoIP service provider company in Canada and Poland, who provides you best range of VoIP services in Canada.