Bring Your Operation Into an All IP Environment


If your business wants the feature-rich capabilities and economic advantages of next-gen network services, rely on the industry-leading SIP provider. Call-INN’s SIP trunks are a launch-pad for an all-IP technology. They deliver more bandwidth and more capacity for your voice and data communications by combining your phone service with data and Internet over a single IP connection.

Call-INN’s SIP service delivers a native Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) interface between your IP PBX and our world-class IP network. By directly connecting your SIP phones to our SIP service, you eliminate the capital expense for additional PBX hardware and avoid inefficiencies associated with protocol conversions that can affect voice quality. Your phone calls lock in the bandwidth they need so you can enjoy high call quality every time.

The benefits for you are higher call quality and lower total cost of ownership. Plus, you can use all the same features you’re used to with traditional integrated T1s as well as new services available through advanced IP PBX’s. With Call-INN’s SIP Trunking, you can take advantage of the recognized standard for voice call control.

Flexible PLans

Call-INN offers a variety of plans tailored to your business. Choose from usage allowance, measured and unlimited calling plan options.

Affordable Pricing

Most of the fees that inflate telecom bills are included in the base plan. Low international calling rates and toll-free calling are also available.

Choose Your Access

For guaranteed call quality and reliability, select a dedicated connection to our world-class IP network. For flexibility and cost-efficiency, use your existing bandwidth for access to our network.

Secure, Private IP network

Call-INN’s SIP Trunking is an end-to-end managed service, from the router we provide to our MPLS IP backbone. We don’t rely on the public Internet to transmit your business calls and data.

Clear Voice Connections

End-to-end IP connectivity optimizes voice quality by minimizing latency associated with converting between IP and TDM. SIP phone calls are ALWAYS assigned the highest priority Class of Service through the network.

Guaranteed Performance

Our Service Level Agreement ensures that we meet your objectives. We have guaranteed SIP performance metrics for jitter, latency, and packet delivery.

Disaster Avoidance

Our SIP connections provide a physically diverse failover option so that you can continue operations in case the primary circuit fails.