Wireless Communication Services

Best Wireless Communication Services in Poland and Canada

Wireless Communication Services

The WCS (Wireless communication Services) is a group of wireless services that works in the 2.3 GHz share of the radio frequency (RF) spectrum. A frequency of 2.3 GHz shows a wavelength equals to 130 mm in free space.

The (Wireless communication Services) WCS comprises frequency distribution for fixed, cellular phone, mobile computing, satellite communications within two separate spectrum blocks, radiolocation, and in selected geographical regions.

Are you seeking faster growth, greater flexibility or higher profitability from your wireless network? Call-INN can get you there. We are a full-service mobile and wireless communications solutions provider, offering a wide range of 2G/3G/4G-LTE services, technologies and network design expertise, including:

Mobile hosted and managed services

from our state-of-the-art hosted cores supporting CDMA and GSM across all generations.

Wireless base stations and backhaul equipment,

including unique products supporting the transition from 3G to 4G /LTE

Professional Services

from specification and engineering to implementation

Wireless 4G to Go

is a uniquely cost-effective way to deploy 4G/LTE services across a 2G/3G cellular wireless network in order to access roaming revenues, deliver triple play or preserve a license.

Life-cycle support

for individual wireless communication systems and complete networks, from installation and monitoring to optimization

Cyber Security

Cytelics information security services from assessment to vigilance.

From Hosted Services to Wireless Technology, Network Design & Support

Call-INN specializes in helping carriers profitably serve markets with unique challenges. Our professional services and products solve the operational and business problems of serving low-density and remote areas, deploying advanced services on legacy cellular networks, restoring service and providing secured communications on short notice. We offer:

  • A wide range of hosted end-to-end cellular network solutions, from access and switching through value-added services and billing, that can grow rapidly and protect you against obsolescence

  • The know-how, team, partners, tools, and facilities to make your complex cellular wireless network challenges simply

  • The ability to monitor and manage traffic, and to test new technologies, to keep the wireless communication and networks operating at peak performance and availability

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