Cloud Hosting

Call-INN’s cloud services free your IT resources to focus on revenue-generating projects.

Cloud Hosting

Buying servers and maintaining infrastructure and applications no longer makes sense for most companies. Today’s IT departments are faced with rapidly changing and unpredictable demands that are almost impossible to support with in-house resources.

Call-INN Cloud Hosting service reduces capital and operational expenses—including hardware, personnel, and power costs—by delivering scalable infrastructure and applications off-site. Cloud/SAAS based hosting is one of the lastest and technical hosting.

As your cloud service provider, Call-INN manages and maintains the infrastructure required to support your business so your IT staff can focus on your bottom line instead of trying to keep pace with constantly changing server requirements. Our engineers become an extension of your IT staff. We select and maintain the latest cloud server hosting technologies so your business can take full advantage of best-in-class solutions.

Call-INN Cloud Hosting services are ideal for businesses seeking superior systems and network performance, along with secure access to a scalable infrastructure. Call-INN Cloud Hosting services can be configured to support any sized business or enterprise – from hosting a single server to hundreds of servers.

Enterprise Cloud Hosting

Call-INN Enterprise Cloud is a fully virtualized and secure environment with high-availability, dedicated resource pools, and a high-performance infrastructure.

Private Cloud Hosting

Call-INN Private Cloud provides your business with a secure, redundant, and scalable virtualized computing solution on your own dedicated hardware with built-in failover.

Hybrid Cloud Hosting

Call-INN Hybrid Cloud enables you to provision virtual servers and physical servers on the same network, giving you the ability to optimize performance and support licensing requirements of certain in-house applications with the fault tolerance and scalability of cloud-based services.

Data Centers

Call-INN’s world-class Tier 4 data centers are fully redundant, secure, include the network-based route based optimization services, and support the most powerful infrastructures available. A cloud environment’s reliability centers on robust hardware. Call-INN, a cloud hosting provider, utilizes enterprise-class Dell Servers and EMC SANs. All servers feature dual, redundant power supplies and disks for the hypervisor base environment, backed by dual network cards and connectivity to both redundant powers feeds as well as redundant, upstream switches, ensuring that there are no single points of failure.